Donald Does Dusty and Frankie’s

Theatre Row rarely advertises one-of performances, but we’re making an exception to let you know in advance about Donald Does Dusty, to be performed July 11 at Dixon Place at ten p.m.

Created and performed by Diane Torr, well known for her impersonations of men, in Donald Does Dusty she pays homage to her brother Donald Torr, who died of AIDS in 1992 and was a dancer and actor in the Swinging London of the 70s and 80s. He was Diane's greatest inspiration, and she evokes the charming, super talented, and loving brother who made commercials such as: “Opal Fruits: made to make your mouth water," and was a graceful and popular dancer on the BBC television hit The Young Generation. He left her a tidy fortune.

Diane channels her older brother channeling his favorite singer, Dusty Springfield, wearing wig, gloves and gown as he used to do and singing along with her songs. It’s an incredible, expressive, heartfelt tribute that wherever it has been performed over the years has moved the audience to join in.

When you’re on the Lower East Side for the performance at Dixon Place, there is a plethora of good restaurants. Frankie’s pizzeria has been there a long time, serving individual margarita pizzas (ask for the crust to be extra thin) and a signature fire-roasted eggplant served with hot olive oil and crusty Italian bread and olives.